What am I reading Wednesday?

Let’s just dive right in to what I am reading today!!


I am currently reading Stardust by Neil Gaiman! So I’m not going to lie when I recently visited The Strand in New York and when I saw this book I didn’t even pick it up to see what it was about. I just knew it was a Neil Gaiman book and I’ve been wanting to read one for forever and I also just really liked how the cover looked so I just bought it and went along on my way.

So this book is about a boy named Tristran Thorn who is trying to win the heart of a girl named Victoria who has a cold heart. He would do literally anything to win her heart including getting a star out of the night sky for her. Literally. But if he wants that star he has to go through unexplored lands and over a wall and into a small village named, wait for it

FAERIE. You guys KNOW any story that involves Faeries, literally anything. So when I read the synopsis that this was a magical fantasy mythological book about faeries and stars I was so pumped. This book sounds magical and wonderful and I have heard nothing but good things about Neil’s writing and how magical he makes it.

So if you guys are interested in mythology or magic or faeries or just mysteries in general I would recommend taking a look at this. And that is what I am reading this Wednesday!!

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Origin By: Jennifer L. Armentrout review and discussion!


“So I was thinking, there’re eighty-six thousand, four hundred seconds in a day, right? There’re one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes in a day…There’re one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week. Around eighty-seven hundred and then some hours in a year, and you know what?…I want to spend every second, every minute, every hour with you…I want a year’s worth of seconds and minutes with you. I want a decade’s worth of hours, so many that I can’t add them up.” 

4 out of 5 stars 

I was worried about this book because the last one was kind of boring to me except the ending. But this one gave me the drama, the action, the excitement, the suspense, the tears, the plot twists, everything. This one is easily my favorite book of the series. I loved the character development, how Dee and Dawson were there for their brother through thick and thin and would protect Katy at all costs for Daemon. I loved how Daemon turned himself into the DOD so he could be with Katy and they could figure out how to break out together instead of him making a huge scene and putting their safety into jeopardy. I loved how it had dual point of view so you learned what the government was doing and hiding and then it had Daemon’s on how he felt about Katy being gone. Also, the whole Blake thing, I was so here for it, when he was in the room ready to fight her for her stress test I knew, I was like oh Girl he gonna die and he provoked Katy and she killed him, accidentally of course with her powers but I was like thank God, I was so sick of his character, he was boring and lame and a jerk.

I was also so here for the new character Archer, he was Katy’s bodyguard and I knew he was different because he was kind to her and tried to protect her to the best of his abilities under the circumstances. And then Nancy was like yeah he is an Origin and Katy knew in that moment that he would be the one to help her and Daemon escape.

An Origin is a hybrid that they make with a full Luxen and then a Hybrid, they are the perfect species, they are even more powerful than the Luxen and they have these bright purple eyes instead of green. I thought that the whole scientific concept was interesting because I do believe that something does exist out there in the universe and they may not look like the little green guys that we imagine. And the funniest thing is that this is all taking place in Area 51, which is so funny because everyone wants to know what is hiding in Area 51 and why are they so secretive.

I was so relieved when Archer was just a genuinely good dude and helped the 3 of them escape. When they tried to kill Katy to see if Daemon could revive her knowing he could was disgusting. The description of how they cut her back so much you could see her spine was disgusting and terrible. And it was actually terrifying because I know the government in real life would do things like that to harmless things because as humans we are afraid of the unknown. When they escaped I was so glad that Luc and Paris and Archer showed up and they took them to this amazing palace for Luxen in Vegas. And I knew it was suspicious from the start, I was like hoe don’t do it don’t go that sounds so shady.

And low and behold guess who was right?? Me! When they got to the palace they saw that Dee and Dawson and Matthew and Beth was there and I actually teared up at the reunion because it was so heartfelt and they all loved each other so much because they are family.

Also Dee and Archer are otp don’t @ ME

Also Daemon and Katy got married which was so sweet because they’re so in love and they deserve to be happy! So anyway it turns out their own family, Matthew turned Dawson and Beth in and also called the DOD and they were on their way to take Daemon and Katy back. Which made me so mad because they all trusted him so much and they would not have suffered as much if it wasn’t for him. So out of no where Luc killed Lyla and Dawson straight wrecked Matthew, at this point so many plot twists were being thrown at me I was like dang what else could happen.

But it happens.

As I am still in shock from all this shit hitting the fan, they have to escape and they realize on the road that they are stopped because government officials are checking cars to find Katy and Daemon. They don’t have much time to run so Daemon says they should expose themselves to the humans. So everyone gets out of the car and they are wrecking things without hurting people and there is a news helicopter recording aliens attacking and all of a sudden the DOD helicopter comes and shoots down innocent humans, killing them. And I was like what the shit is HAPPENING!!!! At this point I am gulping down this story waiting for more and then Paris and Andrew are killed and i was like oh shit heads are rolling people are dying and one of them shoots at Beth and Ash RAN IN FRONT OF HER AND TOOK THE SHOT AND DIED and I was like wtf wtf wtf wtf this is all happening in like 4 pages and I am hyperventilating like who is gonna die next???

They finally escape and it’s the last couple of pages so i was like oh nothing bad can really happen next there’s only 3 pages.


Dawson reveals that Beth is pregnant!!!! SO they’re on the run against the government, Beth is pregnant with an Origin baby that could kill you with one look, they are plastered all over newspapers and news shows as alien terrorists wanting to kill humans, and the colony and head of the colony show up at their doorstep pissed as hell and that’s how it ends.

This is easily my favorite of the entire series so far it gave me everything I was looking for and more, I thought this was incredible and everything about it from the drama, to the love, to the action and science, to the plot twists was so well written and I was just gobbling this up waiting for more. I cannot wait to read the final book I am literally so HYPED up to see what happens and how the characters develop more and how it wraps up!!!

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Sunday’s Recommendation!

Another week has gone by and that means it’s time for Sunday’s recommendation! Today I am recommending  a musical that I love with my whole heart and soul, It’s literally my favorite musical of all time. So today I am talking about Dear Evan Hansen.

download (3)

The official poster for the musical 


The characters Evan and Zoe having a conversation

download (4).jpg

Ben Platt being epic singing 

This musical is about a teenager named Evan Hansen who has to write letters to himself because you learn later on that he has severe anxiety and at one point tried to kill himself. His parents are divorced and his mom is never at home because she works so much to try and support the 2 of them. He has a small encounter with someone named Connor Murphy, and the school learns later that Connor killed himself. Connor wasn’t known for being a good kid, he smoked weed, skipped class, was a jerk to his family. So one day Evan realizes that he has a crush on Zoe Murphy, Connor’s sister, and he starts with just lying saying that him and Connor were friends, and because of this lie his story has to become more elaborate and his lies intensify. Ben Platt (from Pitch Perfect) plays Evan Hansen and let me tell you ALL that he is INCREDIBLE!!!! No joke the soundtrack is one of the most heartfelt, strong, passionate, heartbreaking things I have ever heard. His voice range is phenomenal, world shattering like I cannot describe how much I love this musical I listen to it at least twice a day.

And it’s not just about Ben Platt, all the actors are incredible and every performance they do is raw and powerful and incredible. The way the act and sing is incredible. This musical doesn’t have a lot of dancing in it, or a lot of elaborate costumes, it’s just about high school kids. This musical is also very dialogue heavy, so when you listen to the soundtrack on YouTube, you may be confused at what is going on so I recommend finding a bootleg and watching it because it’s amazing. The way the actor’s voices blend and harmonize and how they’re all like a family, it makes this show so so much better.

This show is about suicide (so trigger warning) friendship, family, and love and that’s something that every high school kid can relate to, and I think everyone that’s young will be able to relate to something in this musical. The message in this musical is so strong and powerful, one of the songs “Disappear” is the cast singing about how no one deserves to be forgotten and everyone has a reason for being here and everyone has a reason to exist because there are people that care about you.  This whole musical is about how you will find yourself and that you’re loved and that you have a purpose and when I watched I was in tears because the way they use the stage and props are so unique and incredible.

My favorite songs are Waving Through a Window, Requiem, You Will Be Found, and Words Fail, but every song on here is incredible. I can relate to this musical so soooo so so so much. I never fail to cry every time I listen to it. When I was in New York I was so close to dropping 250 dollars to see this show no joke. Not to mention at the Tony’s Ben Platt won best leading actor, Rachel Bay Jones (Evan’s mother) Won best leading actress, and the musical Dear Evan Hansen won best musical. I’m listening to it as I’m typing this up right now. It’s so inspirational and It will help you if you’re going through a rough time.

Please please please listen to this musical.



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Opal by: Jennifer L. Armentrout review and discussion!


“I love you, Katy. Always have. Always will.” 

3.9 out of 5 stars

So I realized on the last review I forgot to talk about the cliffhanger bombshell that occurred. Dawson, Daemon and Dee’s long lost brother that they thought died came back home after escaping the clutches of the DOD. I hoped from the first book that Dawson wouldn’t actually be dead, that at some point he would be found because he sounded like such an interesting character. Him and Katy formed some kind of bond because they were both being tortured by the DOD so he had someone to talk to. And the whole time Dee and Daemon were like he’s not the same blah blah, like of course he’s not he’s been locked up being tortured for years and he has been home for 24 hours how do you think he would act.

And then one night Dawson shows up in Katy’s room at night and they’re just talking about how what it was like and how much he misses Beth and Daemon was like idk how much I like my brother being in your room, like WHAT?? Bro trust your girlfriend and your brother, he’s just trying to readjust. Sometimes when Daemon get’s protective it’s cute like against Blake it’s cute because I hate Blake, but like man chill your girlfriend can protect herself.

I really like the dynamic of Katy and Dawson, not romantically but like as friends because they have both experienced things that the others have never experienced so they can relate to each other. i just think that they make great friends. Classic me loving Daemon and Katy together. I love how they fake argue and they know each other and when Daemon bought her a new computer I thought it was the sweetest thing. I still don’t like how jealous they get it’s obnoxious, like they both would kill themselves for the other but then one is still like “omg you’re looking at another girl we’re done.” Like please chill out.

Also I’m so glad Dee and Katy finally started to become friends again because I missed their conversations and when they would hang out so when they started to become friends I was so glad and relieved. I love Dee, she is one of my favorite characters in the book, so I pray that nothing will happen to her because I will devastated.

Speaking of favorite characters, my least favorite Blake has shown back up like asshole leave they spared your life and you have the audacity to show back up.  He is literally poorly written, I hate all of his commentary, and he’s just a creep. LIKE OKAY at one point Katy found out that he was sneaking in her house and sleeping with her in her bed.  THAT’S CREEPY. If a guy told me he was doing that I would call the cops and probably kill him myself, that’s not okay. And I knew he was shady and they were like omg we have to trust him again. NO YOU DO NOT.

When they tried to break into the compound the first they were sprayed with Onyx, which literally could kill them and Dawson was just trying to save Beth. I felt so bad, he deserved to be happy with Beth but noooooo.

Something else I’m glad that happened was the prom. Katy and Daemon finally got to have a romantic moment, and she got to hang out with Dee and become friends again and it was just a few pages of happiness that the book really needed to contrast all the sad. So it was just really refreshing to read. But the whole time Katy was freaking out because what if they didn’t escape Mount Pleasant and Daemon kept saying “noooo we will be fine” and everyone kept saying it will be fine and I knew it was foreshadowing and that either Katy or Daemon was going to get left behind.

So they have this really romantic night and they got into Mount Pleasant and Dawson finally got Beth and they were about to escape and LOW AND BEHOLD BLAKE FUCKING BETRAYS FOR THE SECOND TIME. What did I say? I said it! Don’t trust him!!!!! So Katy is the one to get trapped behind a laser wall and I actually had tears because I felt so bad, they almost got out and could have been happy. And Katy is just calm because she knows what’s going to happen, and Daemon is freaking out on the other side and he’s finally telling Katy that he loves her because he didn’t say it yet and I’m crying because her and Dee just started to be friends again and Daemon is confessing his love and everyone just deserves to be happy.

And that’s just how it ended and I was like are you fucking kidding me. Fuck Blake and the Arum and everyone else that is a jerk. I can’t wait to read the final 2 books this month and see how the series wraps up. I think that the character development is getting way better as the series is going on because the characters are finally growing up and forming bonds and that just shows how good the author is at writing because of how well written the character development. I also appreciate how because of Dawson talking about his experiences, you learn more about what the government is doing and it makes you really disgusted on how unwilling they are to realizing other beings are alive and they aren’t hurting humans but they still lock them up and torture them. And that really reminds me of modern America now but it’s fine.

Overall I really love this series so much, the characters, the drama, the story, the action, the aliens, all of it is so fun to read and it’s really well written and entertaining and I think that everyone should start reading this series. Don’t get me wrong, there are some problematic things, like the jealousy and some of the lines sound like a 13 year old wrote them, but I do think that you can overlook them.

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Sunday’s Recommendation! Riverdale

I am back with my Sunday’s recommendation. For any of you that are new here, this is a series that I do on my website and I recommend something that I have been really enjoying throughout my life that Isn’t about books.

Today I am recommending one of my favorite shows of all time. I have quite a lot, Riverdale, The Office, Gossip Girl, Parks and Recreation, etc. I just watched this show last month because someone told me to watch it and I was like nah I don’t really feel like starting a new show. But one day I was bored so you know I click on it and holy crap it was so good. The music is so modern and contemporary and it fits the show perfectly, it makes it feel more suspenseful or upbeat or even creepy.

So lets talk about what the show is. It’s based off of the Archie comics, here’s what they look like:

download (2)

Jughead Jones (Left, second person)


Veronica Lodge (Left) Archie Andrews (Middle) Bette Cooper (Right)


So it follows our main characters Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Bette, and Cheryl Blossom who is not pictured. I would like to add first of all the TV show is nothing like the comics at all, it’s basically like they took the names of the characters and created whatever they wanted with the names so that is a downside if you loved the comics or you wanted to read them thinking they were like the show. So Cheryl’s brother Jason died when they were on a boat, she said he fell off and drowned, but living in a small town no one believed her so there’s been rumors on who killed him because it was no accident.

I can’t really explain the show in detail because it’s supposed to be an action, suspenseful drama type of  TV show.  This is one of those shows where you’re like “Oh I’m only going to watch 2 episodes tonight and then I’ll finish it tomorrow” NOPE you cannot do that with this show, you start and finish the first episode you’re like shit I have to watch the second to see what happens and then the cycle never ends. If you start this show you literally marathon the entire thing in a 24 hour time period. Trust me I know from experience. The drama is so fulfilling and the plot twists are CRAZY like you think you know what happened to Jason and by the time the last episode comes around shit has hit the fan and you’re like wow no more plot twists can happen and BAM 54 more happen it’s crazy. This show is something I would tell everyone to watch, it’s suspenseful, it has epic music and plot twists and filming and I think everyone would find something they like about it. Not to mention the characters are pretty damn attractive. Here’s some screen caps:


Plus it has Cole Sprouse in it, need I say anymore?


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Onyx by: Jennifer L. Armentrout spoiler free review!


“I always liked you. From the moment you first flipped me off.”

4 out of 5 stars

Again, I think this is more of a 3.75 but I’m just going to stick with 4 for now until I decided what’s best. This is the second book in the Luxen series, out of 5 books I believe. Overall I did like this one a lot more than the first one, I thought there was a lot more action and plot, which there was in the first one also, but I just seemed to enjoy the action more in this one. I liked the dynamic between all the characters in this story also, Katy got a lot closer with Dee and Dee got closer with Adam and even though Katy didn’t like Ash she could still tolerate her and have some funny conversations. I don’t think that Katy is the greatest female character ever, but she can defend herself well enough. Although her comebacks remind me of a 7 year old arguing with their sibling.

I really liked the whole mutant thing that went on, it kind of gave me super hero vibes. When Daemon healed Katy she was still human but had Luxen powers. So it was really funny to read about how she couldn’t control her powers so when she got angry she would accidentally knock over a glass or shatter a window. I also thought how interesting it was when Daemon healed her, they could read and hear each others thoughts, and they have the same exact heartbeat so when one is near death or actually dies, so will the other person, it’s like a bond. I thought that was a really neat aspect to the story to add drama and a bigger plot line.

I also hated Blake, I hated that kid from the beginning. I knew he was shady, everything about him gave me a bad vibe and I was like Katy girl don’t do it and she was like Katy yes. He also is a hybrid and he was trying to save his friend who was in the hands of the DOD, which I will get to in a second. He said that he would help Katy train and because she is so gullible so she was like omg yes. I think his character is icky, I don’t know how else to describe it, how he described is gross and weird.

I also found Katy and Daemon annoying as hell she was like “oh I can’t like you you’re forcing yourself to like me” and he was like “wtf no” and then they would make out for a few pages and then BAM she’s like “I don’t even like you, where did you get that idea from??” And the whole time I was just like holy shit either hate each other for all 5 books or make out and date like c’mon. So then Katy keeps hanging out with Blake even though he is putting Katy in constant danger.

Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. This is the super spoiler part so don’t read on if you don’t want to know.




When Dee showed up at her door ready to hang out and Katy was like go away I hate you forever, Blake was keeping her hostage. So I was like oh shit Dee is just gonna leave her and that’s that. Well her and her boyfriend Adam burst in through a window to surprise attack. First of all Blake almost killed Dee, which had me in a panic I literally thought she died and I had tears. BUT THEN Blake literally kills Adam and it all happened so quickly I was like what the FUCK is happening. I had to read it like 3 times to finally comprehend what was happening and even then I still didn’t. That’s basically how it ended and I was so frustrated like I started the 3rd book immediately after finishing the first one. I really enjoyed this story and I can’t wait to continue to read the rest of them, I feel like the drama is only going to go down from here, more people about to die.

Overall I really enjoyed the second book, and I enjoyed it a little bit more than the first one, but I still did enjoy the first one.

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What am I reading Wednesday?

Welcome to a new addition that I’m adding here! I wanted to post weekly about what I was reading and to see what everyone else is reading. So I can post whatever I am reading and you guys can follow along and read it with me, or it could just sound interesting and you want to add it to your tbr, or maybe you guys are just curious to see what I’m reading. Along with this I am still doing my Sunday’s recommendations, and I am adding another thing on Friday’s called Friday’s top 5, but you guys will just have to wait and see about that 🙂

So this is what I am reading currently!


Pleaseeee ignore this hideous cover, I’m not exaggeration this is one of the ugliest covers I have ever seen in my life. If you happen to like it then by all means love it, but that’s just my opinion. So I guess this is a bad way to start this series because this is the 4th book in the Lux series. I actually really enjoy this series which is surprising because I’m not a huge fan of paranormal books or alien books, but I think that this series is funny and cute and not one of the best that I have ever read but it’s still super entertaining.

This follows our main character Katy who moves from Florida to a really small town because her father died from cancer and her mother wanted a fresh start. She knows something is up with the town because everyone acts super shady. She becomes good friends with Dee Black, who is super gorgeous and sweet, but her brother? Not so much. Her brother Daemon is a complete jerk and treats Katy like garbage for some odd reason and she knows something is up. Little did she know that her next door neighbors were aliens.

I think this series is funny and cute, it’s not the best piece of literature ever written, but I still think that it’s super entertaining to read and the dialogue between the characters are very funny and the whole concept of aliens in this story is really cool and different from other ones that I have read. I can’t really say much about this book in general because it is the 4th book, but overall I think the entire series as a whole is worth reading.

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